PRESS ANNOUNCEMENT: What We Can Learn About Gender-Balanced Leadership From New Catalyst Census

What We Can Learn About Gender-Balanced Leadership From New Catalyst Census; Inclusive Leadership Strategist Weighs In

In June, Catalyst released the 2015 Catalyst Census, which found that the vast majority of new directorships and board seats in the S&P 500 continue to go to men. This underscores why gender-balanced leadership is so important, and there are a few things we can learn about inclusive leadership from this disappointing lack of progress.

Available to weigh in is inclusive leadership strategist Rebecca Shambaugh. As an internationally recognized leadership expert, Rebecca’s organization provides best practices for creating inclusive cultures while providing targeted solutions to accelerate the advancement of female leadership talent.

Rebecca says the findings of the new Catalyst Census can be turned into a teachable moment for organizations on how to better address the gender diversity gap. According to Rebecca, there are three things organizations must do to create more inclusive leadership:

Lastly, Rebecca believes that the solutions traditionally offered to address this issue are not working. Integrated Leadership provides a new model to bring all voices on deck and create more inclusive organizations that reflect a broader spectrum of ideas, yielding better business results.

Headquartered in McLean, Virginia, SHAMBAUGH has locations throughout the United States and in Europe. Rebecca is available for interviews or to discuss how to create a more inclusive leadership culture while accelerating the advancement of women executives. Below are Rebecca’s headshot, bio, and a recent media clip. If you would like to arrange an interview with Rebecca, please contact us at

Rebecca Shambaugh // SHAMBAUGH Leadership
Rebecca Shambaugh is President and CEO of SHAMBAUGH, a global leadership development organization. Rebecca coaches and advises leaders, executives, and organizations to enhance their overall level of excellence in areas such as inclusive leadership, employee engagement, and culture transformation. Rebecca’s latest book, Make Room For Her: Why Companies Need an Integrated Leadership Model to Achieve Extraordinary Results, is the definitive guide on how successful organizations of the future will be led by fully engaged, gender-balanced, diverse teams working together to produce extraordinary results. A highly sought after speaker, Rebecca’s thought leadership is featured in such media/publications such as MSNBC, Harvard Business Review, Huffington Post, and Leader to Leader. Rebecca frequently gives keynotes and talks at industry and corporate events. To hear or see more regarding Rebecca’s thought leadership and keynotes on inclusive leadership – the new model for today’s leaders, visit: