Why You Need a Personal Brand

Last week I presented at a leadership forum for nearly a hundred talented and aspirational women leaders. At this venue, I rallied a call to action for women to have their voices heard and valued by creating a “personal brand.” Even if you believe you don’t have a brand, you actually do have one. In […]

forte testimonial

It is always inspiring to hear from Rebecca Shambaugh, an influential, powerful women leader. I was particularly intrigued by the interactive exercises used within the presentation to promote self-awareness and personal branding. Rebecca’s engaging approach, personal stories, and exercises shared were incredibly helpful in identifying my own personal strengths in the workplace which can be […]

amcc testimonial

Rebecca’s keynote for the Forté Foundation’s conference made me really think about the importance of having a personal brand. Her words, guidance and personal stories were so inspiring for creating and getting my brand out to the right people. — Director, American Chamber of Commerce

conf board testimonial

Rebecca Shambaugh spoke at the first meeting of the Leadership Council on Advancing Women at The Conference Board, her emphasis on inclusion, the leadership pipeline, uncovering latent biases, and the lack of women’s visibility and presence in upper levels of business made a real impact in the practical work of the senior executive women on […]

Marriott testimonial

Marriott’s Women’s CEO Executive Forum was a tremendous success, and that is due in large part to Rebecca Shambaugh. When organizing an event for CEOs and executive directors of major associations, ensuring high ROI is critical. The content Rebecca delivered coupled with her knowledge, experience and expertise was a home run. We could not have […]