Asking for What You Want: 8 Tips for Timid Negotiators

This article was originally produced for | Asking for what we want is a difficult exercise – and it appears to be an even more difficult exercise for women. It’s easy to feel uncomfortable, like we may not be entitled to something, or worry that we’ll hear the word “no.” Often, we don’t want to […]

Leadership Renewal: Filling Your Tank with the Right Fuel

A common ritual for many at this time of year is mapping out important goals and resolutions. Our roles and responsibilities as leaders call for a strong level of energy and endurance, as well as the capacity to stay consistently focused and intentional. In SHAMBAUGH’s coaching practice, we work with leaders who strive to be […]

Looking Back, and Ahead, at Women’s Leadership

As we prepare to bid adieu to 2014, let’s pause and reflect on some highlights we’ve seen in women’s leadership development this year: There was a groundswell of dialogue based on an article in The Atlantic that revealed new findings on the link between success, confidence, and genetics. Authors Katty Kay and Claire Shipman made the point […]

The Importance of On-the-Job Learning for Women

How much time do you spend learning on the job? If we look to the standard “70:20:10 ratio,” we might think that we spend a lot more time engaging in on-the-job development opportunities than we actually do. A new report from DDI and The Conference Board called Global Leadership Forecast 2014/2015 gives us the breakdown of actual […]