The Missing Link: Moving Beyond First-Level Solutions to Women’s Leadership

It has been a hectic but exciting fall packed with travel and speaking engagements at executive forums and conferences nationwide. At these events, I’ve continued to explore with companies this perennial question: “How do we attract, retain, and advance women leaders?” My most recent talk engaged top executives from Fortune 500 organizations who are responsible […]

Not Confident Enough? Reprogram Your Confidence Level

If you feel that you could be more confident, there’s good news: you can make a choice to boost your level of confidence. In my last post, we discussed that having a certain degree of confidence can be one of several important factors in women’s success. Studies have shown a link between genetics (the “confidence […]

Confidence Matters, But How Much Do You Need?

How important is confidence to women’s career advancement? There has been growing interest in the media about how confidence may affect women’s professional success. In a recent article in The Atlantic, Katty Kay and Clair Shipman discuss a new finding regarding the root of confidence and its potential connection to competence, pointing out a link between […]