Shambaugh Book Launch -60cRebecca’s three best-selling books help individuals realize their full leadership potential and organizations turn up the volume on value-adding voices.

It’s Not a Glass Ceiling, It’s a Sticky Floor: Free Yourself From the Hidden Behaviors Sabotaging Your Career Success

stickyfloor1Rebecca Shambaugh’s first best-selling book is a modern classic that offers women leaders practical strategies for increasing their impact, enhancing their overall confidence, and stepping into their own power. Shambaugh points out that women earn more than half of the world’s multidisciplinary master’s degrees, make more than 80% of purchasing decisions, and hold more than a third of the managerial roles in Fortune 500 companies–and yet are still vastly underrepresented as CEOs, on corporate boards, and among the top earners in those Fortune 500 companies … [Continue Reading]

Make Room for Her: Why Companies Need an Integrated Leadership Model to Achieve Extraordinary Results

makeroomShambaugh’s best-selling and most recent book takes her impassioned argument for women’s leadership to the level of the organization and changes the conversation regarding women in leadership to essential and timely action. In Shambaugh’s provocative and timely message, she inspires organizations and leaders to replace old models of leadership and hard-wired assumptions with more effective strategies based on a proven model of Integrated Leadership … [Continue Reading]

Leadership Secrets of Hillary Clinton

leadersecretsShambaugh’s bestselling book looks at the topic of leadership in difficult times through the lens of one of our most well-known and powerful female leaders. Clearly, Clinton knows how to prosper despite—and even because of—challenges. In this book, Shambaugh reveals the unique formula of open-mindedness, intense focus, authenticity, and resilience that allows Clinton to overcome setbacks, learn from her mistakes, and embrace change … [Continue Reading]