HRLF: All Voices On Deck | Feb. 5th

Join Rebecca Shambaugh and HRLF on Feb. 5th for a timely and thought proving session. Rebecca will share her compelling business case for “All Voices on Deck,” the new mantra for successful organizations in the 21st Century. Rebecca will provide a roadmap based on her work with companies, leaders, and their teams on how they can create […]

Speaker Reel

Rebecca is an internationally acclaimed and sought-after speaker with a uniquely inspiring leadership development message. Find out how Rebecca inspires individuals to become stronger and more effective leaders.

Having the Here’s-What-I-Want Conversation With Your Boss

HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW — One person stands between you and your next raise or promotion: your boss. While others on the leadership team — and even your peers — may exert some influence on your career future, it’s your direct supervisor who can pull the strings to either grant or deny your chance for advancement. But […]

Live Facebook Q&A with Rebecca

Join Rebecca Shambaugh, expert on advancing women leaders, for a live Facebook Q&A on November 12th from 11AM – 1PM EST on “A Viable Solution for Opening Doors and Creating Pathways for Talented Women” and share your experience! For more information, visit our Facebook event page: Live Facebook Q&A with Rebecca Shambaugh Have a voice and join the […]

Global Women’s Leadership Summit (GWALS) | Oct. 27th

Join Rebecca’s online session for the Global Women’s Leadership Summit on Oct. 27th To register for Rebecca’s online session visit: GWALS 2015 Registration | For more information on Rebecca’s session: Topic: Closing the Leadership Gender Gap – What Really Holds Women Back and What They Can Do About It Women possess many of the important leadership attributes essential […]