EVENT: Sept. 20th | Capital One Women’s BRG Summit

Rebecca to speak at Capital One Women’s BRG Summit on All Voices On Deck: The Perfect Storm for Women Leaders Today’s business environment needs All Voices On Deck and women are an important part of the leadership equation. In this timely and engaging keynote, Rebecca Shambaugh, President of SHAMBAUGH and a renown thought leader in advancing women […]

Achieving Gender Balance: Disrupt Old Narratives and Reframe Today’s Leadership Model

TRAINING INDUSTRY — Rebecca Shambaugh published in Training Industry “Achieving Gender Balance.”  More and more leaders are reaching the conclusion that they need to disrupt old thinking patterns to achieve business success. For example, an executive recently left a board meeting and said much of the conversation across the table was about an “underlying force” that […]

Google Memo Reveals Need for Companies to Adopt Unified Gender-Neutral Leadership Model and Embrace Cognitive Diversity, Says Inclusive Leadership Strategist

Google “anti-diversity” memo that recently went viral is the latest example of why companies need to change their narrative as well as their leadership models to reflect the full range of talent in today’s workforce, focusing less on gender differentiation and more on individual capabilities. Highlighting gender differences rather than gender-neutral leadership competencies is a […]

All Voices On Deck: How Inclusiveness Can Define Your Leadership Style

LEADER TO LEADER — Rebecca Shambaugh published in Leader to Leader Journal: “All voices on deck.”  When advising on leadership development for the twenty-first century, this is the rallying cry that I offer to Fortune 500 companies and senior leaders alike. Finding ways to leverage an organization’s full span of thinking styles and problem-solving approaches for both women and men […]

EVENT: May 23rd | Rebecca Shambaugh to Keynote WEST Event

No one can publicly argue against gender equity and its compelling business case and yet real progress is painfully slow – how can we get organizations moving in the right direction now? Most recently, some prominent companies, such as GE, have made ambitious pledges to rapidly transform their workplaces to achieve gender equity in a few years. […]