Together as Allies:

How men and women can create a better and smarter world

Gender equality is an issue of international economic and social importance that is critical for ensuring we have the right balance of thinking and perspective around the table. For too long, women alone have led the way advocating for improvements when so many men hold the power and influence to help advance this work. Rather than increase the isolation factor such as having female-only events, or, men talking among themselves about the gender issue, it’s time we recognize and embrace the fact that men and women leading together bring different but complementary skills to the table that positively impact bottom line performance.

Rebecca presents on ways men and women can disrupt old narratives and break down barriers for creating two-way partnerships that co-create mutual value. This calls for men and women to engage in a united voice as partners and as leaders who have a shared purpose.

Key Takeaways:Shambaugh Book Launch -81d

  • What’s the Value Proposition for Bringing Men to the Table with Women?
  • Cracking the Gender and Diversity Fatigue!
  • Moving from Exclusion to Inclusion
  • What’s My Bias? How Men and Women Can Expand Their Lens to be Open to Seeing and Leveraging Gender-Based and Cognitive Differences
  • How Men Can Help and How to Engage Them
  • Changing the Narrative: Engaging in Inclusive Language

Achieving Organizational Inclusion:

A disruptive approach to gender-balanced leadership

The business case for gender-balanced leadership is well-documented—but many companies have plateaued in their efforts to achieve it. The traditional approaches are not working, which calls for organizations to take a disruptive approach—one that is creative and not aligned with the status quo. In this session, Rebecca will call out the urgency to reexamine standard leadership thinking to align with the latest Inclusive Leadership model, personally challenging attendees’ current narrative regarding gender equality.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the Business Case for Gender Balance
  • Learning How to Have Critical Conversations with Executive Leadership to Gain Their Commitment for Sponsorship to Inclusion
  • Understanding How to Gain Shared Accountability Beyond HR
  • Accessing Your Team/Organization to Determine Their Strengths/Gaps for Gender Balance
  • Learning and Applying Key Competencies for Inclusive leadership
  • Walking Away with Practical Steps for Systematically Implementing a Program for Gender Balance, Based on a Roadmap that Attendees Can Tailor to their Organizations

Make Room for Us:

Why businesses need to adopt diversity leadership models to survive in the 21st century

Corporate boardrooms still don’t look like the neighborhoods and workplaces where our customers hang out. However women are finally breaking through the glass ceiling, strategic organizations are embracing a new leadership model called Collaborative Leadership. It is built on the foundation of gender-balanced teams and leverages the unique strengths of both men and women. In Rebecca’s compelling business case and masterful stories and real life examples, she shows audiences what modern, integrated leadership models looks like and how to develop them for your own organization by including a wider range of voices.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Bottom Line Benefits of DiversityShambaugh Book Launch -60c
  • The Changing Nature of Your Customer
  • Great Leadership: The Intersection Between Science, Human Behavior and Purposeful Vision
  • What the 21st Century Executive Team Needs to Look Like
  • How to Power Innovation Through Inclusive Leadership
  • Organization Scorecard for Collaborative Leadership – Drivers for Building Inclusive Cultures and Leveraging Key Business Drivers

Get Off the Sticky Floor and Learn to Lead:

How women hold themselves back and what they can do about it

Too many women unknowingly hold themselves back because they can’t see how to fit themselves into an outdated model of leadership. In this speech, Rebecca teaches women to step up as leaders without sacrificing their authenticity or losing their uniquely valuable perspectives.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s Not a Glass Ceiling, It’s a Sticky Floor
    Shambaugh Book Launch -119 copy
  • The Six Ways Women Hold Themselves Back
  • Engaging Men as Sponsors
  • Finding Your Voice, Taking Risks and Mobilizing Others
  • Four Things Men Don’t Tell Women
  • The Secret to Being Forceful, Not Bossy
  • How to Manage and Thrive With a Gender Imbalance
  • Having Human Intelligent Conversations