$42 Million in Top-Line Revenue. According to McKinsey, that’s the average amount that companies with diverse executive leadership make over their competitors.   How does your team stack up?

  • Dramatic, rapid changes in market conditions
  • Giant-killer technology shifts
  • About-face policy shifts

These and other complex forces are challenging organizations and leaders at every level on what it will take to be successful in the 21st Century.

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Rebecca Shambaugh understands how to succeed in this brave new era. She shares her compelling business insights, masterful storytelling and proven concepts in keynote speeches and executive seminars to audiences worldwide.

Rebecca calls for replacing outdated mindsets and thinking with Collaborative Leadership. An Integrated Leadership approach combines the broader spectrum of human talent and intelligence, the strengths of both genders, and support and advocacy from the organization itself.

Rebecca provides a roadmap for organizations that want to succeed, based on her work with companies, leaders and their teams on how they can create and leverage diversity and innovation. She engages audiences in helping them find a winning strategy that drives greater levels of innovation, growth, and profitability while creating the most powerful competitive advantage on the innovation front.

While many organizations provide leadership development and diversity training to help women overcome the obstacles to their advancement, those efforts by themselves are not enough. Successful organizations realize that developing Integrated Leadership through collaborative intelligence is a key driver for innovation, engagement and bottom line performance. Top management must commit to creating a more inclusive and accountable culture that supports Collaborative Leadership and draws out under heard voices, tears down and eliminates silo thinking, and fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation.

Rebecca has over 20 years of experience building practical leadership development programs that strengthen under-heard voices and help organizations navigate today’s complex and interconnected world.

She will share current case studies and proven concepts to show how she has inspired and led organizations and leaders to bolster creativity through tapping on diverse and gender-balanced teams, enhancing bottom line performance.