Make Room for Her


Extremely informative, entertaining, and insightful, Rebecca Shambaugh’s new book is aimed at both a male and female audience. It succinctly describes business leadership models that drive top performance in organizations, as well as proactive steps female executives can take to assume responsibility for their careers and become a significant part of the leadership equation.
—Karen Bechtel, Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

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Shambaugh’s best-selling and most recent book Make Room for Her: Why Companies Need an Integrated Leadership Model to Achieve Extraordinary Results, takes her impassioned argument for women’s leadership to the level of the organization and changes the conversation regarding women in leadership to essential and timely action. In Shambaugh’s provocative and timely message, she inspires organizations and leaders to replace old models of leadership and hard-wired assumptions with more effective strategies based on a proven model of Integrated Leadership. An Integrated Leadership approach is one that encompasses the strengths of both genders, as well as drawing on support and advocacy from the organization itself. Men, women, and companies all play key roles in the solution.

There are still only a handful of women in senior leadership and executive roles around the world. Yet it’s a mistake to brand women’s failure to advance to leadership roles in greater numbers as only a “women’s problem.” Yes, many women do struggle with “Sticky Floors”—self-limiting beliefs, assumptions, and behaviors that hold them back from achieving their own career goals and aspirations. But there are significant additional factors that keep women out of senior leadership roles, including organizations and their predominantly male leaders failing to buy into the business case for Integrated Leadership, and men’s lack of awareness about the significant role they play in both the problem and potential solution.

Rebecca points out that current leadership models can’t drive success in today’s business environment because twentieth—century leadership models won’t work when addressing twenty—first century leadership problems. Successful organizations, now and in the future will be lead by fully engaged, balanced teams of men and women working synergistically to provide extraordinary results.

This book changes the conversation from advancing women to leveraging gender-balanced teams together that drive greater levels of innovation and business results. It encourages and enables men, women, and the organization to become part of the solution for Integrated Leadership. It focuses on what both men and women and the organizations can do to foster a better balance of leadership perspective that is the competitive advantage for the 21st Century

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Praise for Make Room for Her

“Rebecca Shambaugh’s year of strategic leadership development, her extensive study of current business trends, and her real-world interactions with industry leaders have given her extraordinary insight into the importance of increasing women’s senior leadership roles.” — John B. Veihmeyer, Chairman and Chief Executive Office, KPMG

“Make room to read Rebecca Shambaugh’s new book on Integrated Leadership. It will cause you to rethink the leadership model your organization follows and provide you with clear strategies for integrating the best of both men and women leaders to drive performance.”  — Dottie Brienza, Chief Diversity Officer and Executive Talent Leader, BMS