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The old model of leadership simply won’t work in today’s world. Too many businesses are failing to develop female leadership, both because old-school managers often don’t recognize women’s particular strengths and because many women don’t know how to step up in a way that feels authentic. Rebecca Shambaugh brings her 20 years of experience building leadership development programs and coaching male and female leaders to her engaging and inspiring talks on what organizations need to do to secure their places in the 21st century, and what individuals can do to become stronger, more effective leaders.


FSCN2409r2Rebecca is an internationally acclaimed and sought-after speaker with a uniquely inspiring leadership development message. She combines an engaging and thought-provoking style with practical, results-oriented content that focuses on helping organizations and individuals unlock their true potential.

Rebecca partners with a cross-section of the Fortune 500, including such clients as: AIG, Cisco, Dow Chemical, Facebook, GE, Hilton Worldwide, IBM, Intelsat, Johnson and Johnson, KPMG, Marriott International, PPD, Salesforce, Starwood Properties, and Urban Land Institute on the what and how of organizational and leadership transformation initiatives. Rebecca also provides coaching and consulting to senior executives on personal leadership, team and organizational development, and strategy execution to optimize overall effectiveness.

Prior to starting her own company, Rebecca has worked for such premier organizations as General Motors, Fairchild Industries, and Amax Inc. as a senior executive in the leadership and human resources arena.

Rebecca has presented within organizations, major conferences, and executive forums regarding the 21st Century Leadership Model and her company’s research and best practices for driving innovation and high performing cultures through cross collaboration and inclusion. Rebecca has been showcased on CNBC, TED Talks, Fox News (New York), NPR, Washington Business, ABC, and numerous syndicated radio talk shows. She has been featured in publications such as: The New York Times, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine, U.S. News & World Report, and Entrepreneur Magazine.